Our Story

Our Story

About us

All Things Empanada is an online empanada shop. We are a small, local, woman-owned business located in Pittsburgh, PA. Our homemade style empanadas are a mix of American and Latin Flavors, making each bite a mouthwatering, delicious treat. We use a flaky flour dough and fill it with our delicious homemade recipes of savory meats and vegetables, plant-based fillings, breakfast fillings, or sweet dessert fillings. We have a little something for even the pickiest eaters. Every empanada is hand pressed and made fresh weekly.

Our products are all homemade recipes, using fresh, local ingredients. We use NOTHING you can't pronounce in our homemade products.

We believe in spending more time with your family and less time prepping and cooking, so we offer empanadas either fresh baked or packaged frozen with easy oven baking OR air-frying instructions.  We never oil-fry our products. But you can if you like!

No hassle, simple storage, perfect for breakfast, lunch, dinner, grab and go meals, holiday parties, sport events, birthday parties or an anytime snack!

Simply bake and enjoy!


About the owner

Hiii there! My name is Coty and I have a passion for cooking flavorful, healthy but delicious foods. I have been in Hospitality/Food and Beverage Management for over 16 years. I am a Pittsburgh native who moved to Miami, FL at a young age to pursue a career in the food and beverage market in high tourist attraction areas. After managing and operating some of the area’s most popular hotels and entertainment venues, I decided to move back to Pittsburgh to spend more time with my aunt, who unfortunately lost her battle to cancer in 2020. 

My journey with All Things Empanada began in 2021 when I started making empanadas to have a quick, easy and delicious snack for my busy schedule. After sharing them with friends and family over holiday parties, birthday parties or basically anytime, I realized that there was a shortage of quick, healthy food options that could be easily stored and prepared quickly. Because of the positive feedback I received, I started experimenting with various flavors and recipes and started providing small scale catering for parties and events. You can find us in person at Pop-Up Events, Food Festivals and Farmer's Markets throughout Pittsburgh all year. Check our event calendar, or follow us on FB and IG to see where we pop up!